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Electrical equipment

Antenna assy, new (АР41-Б)



antenna base, new (ANT-luk)



Bushing seal (20-3711045)

Price per Set of per car 2p...


Bushing seal, new (20-1104091)

Used as a hub seal of wire tail lights and air tube of fuel and for pipe Speedo. Set 4 pcs. Price p..


Cap rubber ignition wires, new (11-12231)

Set for all car 5 Pcs...


Cover of the switch of a signal (20-CRS)

it is made of metal..


Cover the ring of signal, new (20-3721018/3pl)

made of plastic..


Cover the ring of signal, new (72- CRS)

for the M-72 Pobeda 4xd1x854..


Electrowires set under the original, new (20-3724original)

Electrowires set in the original cloth sheath...


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