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Electrical equipment

Layer pad of a tail light the sealing (965-3716055)

price per pair..


Laying turn light (965A-3731020)

price per pair..


Lens 2 pcs (ФП110-3716204)



Lens of a sidelight (965-1podf)

EN: Price for pair. DE: Preis fuer beide 1 Serie (1960-1961)..


Lens of turn signal (965-ПП)

Set of 2. Price per set..


Linse of a dome lamp (965-PL)



Rear lamp assy 2 pcs (965-3716RL)

Set of two lamps. Chrome-plated! Price per set...


Screw of fastening of the lndoor lamp, new (223012-П13)

EN: Price for Set. Set 3 Stck.Also used for mounting the right door lock knob switch...


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